Hugh Bay Lamp
Automotive Electronics and Tools
LED Beacon Lights
LED Warning Light Sticks and Bars
10000 Boxes(Min. Order)
Led Lamp
$8.00 - $9.00/Piece
2000 Pieces(Min. Order)
With experience back to year 2008, we are confidence that we can provide solution to problem of our customers based on our elasticity and professional knowledge and equipment. A hundred percent Made in Taiwan is always been our concept. Bueno Technology Co., Ltd. is a versatile manufacturer, which started providing the market its sophisticated flow control products since 1969, and expanded into the LED high-power packing and lighting solutions industries since 2007. Our corporate philosophy is to offer the market innovative solutions, while placing the highest priority on safety, long service life, low operation and maintenance cost.

We a pioneer in the production of specialty high-power LED packages and lighting solutions, including automotive lighting, portable illumination, signal lighting, marine and underwater lighting and general lighting. Bueno LED lighting solutions combine the brightness of conventional lighting, and the long life, energy saving among other benefits of LEDs. Our powerful and innovative R&D is also capable of developing fully customized products on the demands of our customers.

The production of lighting solutions is one of our expertises. Bueno can act like a lighting director in a movie production, assisting our customers to achieve the desired effects. With our know-how it is possible to design and maximize the different effects required by a multitude of application or lighting scenario. The work of Bueno's consultancy department can be verified and finalized with renderings, thereby eliminating the frustration and cost associated with trial and error.

Every single Bueno product is made from the highest quality materials using advanced technology, while every stage of the manufacturing process is conducted and monitored by highly competent employees. Combining with thorough testing and complete customer support, our company provides customers with products of maximum efficiency and minimally long-term costs at competitive prices.

Bueno is firmly determined to constantly improve itself in order to conform to the top international standards, and maintain its leadership in the local market. Our never-ending commitment has won us a significant position in the industry, and the support of our business partners from all over the globe. We are resolved to forever conduct our business with progress, great competence, innovation and unyielding integrity.